The War Of The Cold War

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As America grew in history, it was not one to stay way from wars after the second world war. It led to the Korean war and then the Vietnam war to finally the overall blanket of the cold war. It was to protect democracy, protect land, and to protect the world from a horrendous end. These wars gave growth and despair to the United States however it led to the rise of peace. Before the second world war, the world was in turmoil. The depression had spread across the globe and with that different political groups started to rise to give the people hope. With the rise of the german national socialist group, it gave the nazi’s the first step towards the second world war which occurred in 1939. The german people saw Hitler as their ticket out of the depression as well as the ticket to make Germany great again. Although this took in no consideration of Europe as the Nazi’s took most of the Europe as well as their allies taking parts of Africa and Asia. This is important to American history for two reasons. One being that it made America come out of the depression. The New Deal’s was working to an extent however, it was the war that aided America in getting out of it. The second reason was it led to the Cold War. With the nuclear bomb being America’s biggest and worst weapon it led to severe paranoia from all leaders. It was a device that could end humanity and it was with one nation. On June 1950, the North Koreans invaded South Korea. The Korean War was a stalemate war that was used to indirectly fight the communist or more, the Soviets. Since the loss of China to communism, it was a stepping stone for the Soviets as they now had an important power on their side. The Southern Koreans were granted permission from the Soviets to invade. T... ... middle of paper ... ...he plans to the atomic bomb. This created panic and caused a new Red Scare which was fueled by the soviet bomb and the loss of china. This is historically significant to the United States because it led to them the limit of arms in the talks of SALT later on as well as the tension of a possible nuclear war. Furthermore, it led to the promotion of civil rights. The United States was being mocked by the communist and other enemies for fighting across the seas for the protection and the rights of people while back in the homeland African Americans had very little rights and were being killed for asking to be equal. In conclusion, the American people had gone through a lot. Four wars had changed the public and brought it out from isolation and towards becoming more active in the world. It caused the rise of civil rights , peace with honor and the protection of the world.

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