The War Is The New Jim Crow

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Throughout time and history we have always looked for a means and justification to bring down a certain class of people. We always tried to establish a superior race and an inferior race. We tried establishing this by passing laws, obstacles, and even challenges to keep an inferior race where we thought they belong. Times have changed and civil rights acts have abolished these actions but no matter what they never disappeared. We as a society have become blind to the new form of suppression. We banish and imprison people for minor drug crimes and in turn take away their basic right just like our past ancestors did with Jim Crow laws. Ex-felons can’t vote, can’t serve as juries, can’t get jobs, and even excluded them from public assistance. As alexander said “THE DRUG WAR IS THE NEW JIM CROW.” Through the world there are jails for people who commit crimes but here in the United States we have the greatest incarceration in the world. The greatest amount of people in jail is people of color. Why do we have so many people in jail? Why are majority of them people of color? “We have not ended racial cast in America; we have merely redesigned it.” People say the law is blind to color. People of color are making great achievements; we finally have a black president. The sad truth is not much achievement has been made and once you have been convicted a felon there is no chance of making something of yourself. Once a person is labeled a criminal we begin to form racial thought on that person. Something we say we have moved past, something we don’t do anymore, but yet when we hear a person is a criminal is seems ok to think in a racist way. When a person is convicted as a felon we begin to take their basic right away, right their ... ... middle of paper ... into stricter laws, more jail time, greater incarnation, more racial tendencies, and keep white people in power. We speak so quickly a say we are not a society that has racial tendencies and don’t try to put others down. Yet we do it without even knowing we are doing it, we put others down just because they are a felon or homeless. We give the whites, the law makers, the powerful 1% all they need to continue what they have always been doing. They have changed the way we put others down while leaving us blind to the truth. Power has changed and the people enforcing this power are law makers and people with badges. We now made it legal to discriminate and backed it up with just cause and take away constitutionals rights legally from these people. They have used the media as there tool to convince us all we are simply doing nothing wrong and everything right.

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