The War And The Police Sirens

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Mary’s dad died two years ago, but she still has a low mood, and has never gained back any interest in swimming, despite going to the Olympics before her dad’s passing. She has also fallen behind in school because she oversleeps and goes to school late and sometimes not at all. Whenever she decides to go, she has a lot of difficulty concentrating in class. Joe has recently come back from fighting in Afghanistan. His wife believes that he has to go see a psychiatrist because at night whenever he hears a police siren he wakes up scared, shaking, and babbles that he must check on his partner John, whom he fought alongside with; he’s usually unable to go back to sleep afterwards. It seems like Joe is reliving the war and the police sirens trigger these thoughts. His wife believes that it may be better to move from the city to the countryside to avoid this from happening. Louis’ son is three years old. He has noticed that when he brings his son to the park, he doesn’t like to interact with other children, and will only play in the playground when he is with him. He also seems to overly...
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