The War Against Athens And The Peloponnesians

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In Thucydides’ opening, he believed that the war against Athens and the Peloponnesians was going to be a great war that it would be a fundamental event proceeding all other wars for the past and future. Beginning to understand the Peloponnesian War, how it started and who was blamed, it is important to understand the Athenians. Athens was a city-state of art, philosophy and great power. With great power and influence, arrogance also followed. Greece had just finished eighteen years prior with their war against the Persians. The Greeks had strengthened in numbers, and the Athens was at the top of all other city-states. The Athenians were the first to lay aside their weapons, and to adopt an easier and more luxurious mode of life; indeed, it is only lately that their rich old men left off the luxury of wearing undergarments of linen, and fastening a knot of their hair with a tie of golden grasshoppers, a fashion which spread to their Ionian kindred, and long prevailed among the old men there. Athenians lived a life of expensive opulence. They knew the value of gold and wore it to show their wealth, status, and ultimately their power. Athen’s ego spumed tension and rage against Sparta, who was also a victorious city-state in the Persian Wars. Throughout this time period, the Athenians have been engaging in war with the Spartans, or more specifically, a Spartan city-state called Lacedaemon. This period is called the Peloponnesian War. Athens, and others may have possessed a few vessels, but they were principally penteconters. With Athen’s force alliances with other cities, she received a large amount of money. This money went toward rebuilding after the Persian War, temples, navy, defense systems for the city. It was quite at the e... ... middle of paper ... ...uld however, condemn the final say of the trial. The ephor of Lacedaemon was less than convinced. He upsettingly declares to not understand or wish to understand what the Athenians had said in their statement. “They said a good deal in praise of themselves, but nowhere denied that they are injuring our allies and the Peloponnesus.” Athens had been found guilty of breaching their treaty and war was declared against the Athenians. This declaration was not only because of the breach of contract, but also to prevent Athens from gaining their power and influence on Hellas. The breaking of the treaty was fundamental in a way, that it gave the Peloponnesians incentive to declare war and cut off Athenian power and supply. In Thucydides’ writing, the fear of Athenian growth throughout Greece was ultimately the main argument of war against Athens, to which needed to be stopped.
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