The Wall Street Crash of 1929

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Imagine yourself in a situation where you could never eat enough in a day because you weren’t sure there would be a meal waiting for you the next day. Imagine if those considered poor fell from even greater heights and landed in an even deeper pocket of desperation. Imagine if the poorer you were and the hungrier you became. The hunger rendered you weak and with this weakness you began to find it difficult to think clearly and to function properly. Imagine if you needed to find work to support a family, but you could not muster the strength to look for a job because you needed to first find food to get the energy to move. Imagine if riches, power, and even wealth made no difference to your situation, everything could be lost and nothing could be gained. Imagine that despite everything that has happened, a man comes to you, and tells you that all the hardships you have come face to face with have been nothing but temporary inconveniences. He tells you that the difficulties of the disarray are not stronger than you, and you will move onward with your head held up high. Would you believe this man? Now, imagine yourself living during The Great Depression
The Wall Street Crash of 1929 brought an end to the United States flourishing and opulent economy during the late nineteen-twenties. The crash caused the greatest economic disasters to ever hit the United States, and led many to lose everything they had and no possibility of ever gaining it back. Simple luxuries and basic necessities were no longer available for most individuals. They were the things of the past and as time went on it only seemed to completely disappear from their grasp. This catastrophe would later be known as The Great Depression. The man responsible and credite...

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...still able to pull through and not back down from his word. Overall, President Roosevelt’s ride during his presidency was a tough a one—a ride that many people would possibly back down if they were placed in the same position as Roosevelt was. All in all, Roosevelt stood by his word and is now known as the man who brought us back from the greatest economic disaster the United States has ever faced.

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