The Walking Wounded

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The walking wounded are everywhere. There’s the wife who has lived her entire life based on a man’s expectations of her. She walks on pins and needles because she is never sure which husband will wake up next to her. Will he be the aloof, emotionally distant husband, or the man she fell in love with years ago? Remember that best friend who continually dated Mr. Wrong, and doesn’t understand why she can’t find a faithful and loyal man. Or, what about the kid from the neighborhood who looks like he just crawled out of bed no matter what time of day it is?

We’re depicted as the noble or unselfish and stoic willingness to accept suffering. Those of us who constantly suffer undergo the same amount of pain or perhaps a greater amount of pain as someone who is actually going through a break-up of a romantic relationship, without the benefit of actually being in one. We are the unloved ones. We are the hopeful ones.

For us who have put forth all our depth and sacrificial devotion and had it go unnoticed, know the feeling. Were tiptoeing on shards of glass, or treading upon points of needles, and although we step as lightly and as willingly as possible we still know that an act of love that fails is just as much a part of life as experiencing an existential crisis. The best way to define it is by using yourself as an example. You are an individual that questions the very foundations of your life, constantly wondering if there really is any remote meaning, value, or logical purpose to keep on living. We often forget to just live our lives and remember at the very least to always be true to ourselves.

For the walking wounded, love develops into a habit, love whispers to us, it reaches out in little ways. We crave attention, affection, an...

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... our fist; only we give it the most painful twists. One day we will awaken from our long slumber with a vengeance, the flame of hate will no longer burn, finally revealing the bright soul that lies within. Our eyes will for once be wide open and everything will be clearer, and then the events of our life will take their true course. We’ll realize that it’s not a matter of counting the years, but a matter of making the years count that’s important. We’ll know that only calmness is the one way to be certain to achieve our purpose. We’ll finally see that love is measured by fullness and not reception, that real love is never lost, we’ll see that true love holds tender strings and only our true love will strike the deepest chords, like a melody without words. Most of all we’ll see that true love never lives happily ever after, because with true love there is no ending.
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