The Voyages Of Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus: Christopher Columbus was born in Italy in 1451. He committed his life to being an explorer and a navigator at an early age. He went on many trading expeditions in the seas of the Mediterranean and the Aegean. On a certain expedition to the islands of Khios, he came the closest he would ever get to the continent of Asia. On Columbus’ first voyage, he almost lost his life. Columbus also went on many other voyages to Africa to gain knowledge about the Atlantic current, that flowed east and west from the Islands of Canary. Since Muslims were taking over the trade routes in the Middle East, it was very difficult to sail to China and India. Since Columbus believed that there was a route that sailed west across the Atlantic that would be easier and safer to sail through, he made up a plan to go through that route to get to the East. Columbus believed that the earth was in a sphere shape form and was approximately 63 percent its actual size. Although Columbus miscalculated some important factors that would greatly affect his expeditions and many experts disagreed with him, they concurred that he would be able to sail westward from Europe through an interrupted water route. On Columbus’ first voyage to the New World, his plan was first rejected by the king of Portugal to go on a three-ship voyage of…show more content…
In that same year, he went on his second voyage to explore the Islands of the Caribbean Ocean. When he arrived at Hispaniola, where Columbus’ settlement, “ Christmas town” was, it was destroyed. Columbus then put the natives of the land as slaves to rebuild his settlement and also to search for gold. This resulted in very small amounts of gold and an immense hatred among the natives. He continued his voyage by sailing around the Caribbean Islands, which convinced him that he had just found and discovered Chinese outer

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