The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader Reflection Paper

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In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Eustace becomes a dragon and is about to be left on the island because he cannot travel with the rest of the Dawn Treader 's crew. In that moment of despair, Aslan meets him and pulls the dragon-skin away rescuing Eustace from himself. I love that part of C.S. Lewis ' theology. That he made Aslan a type of Christ; emphasizing that God comes and powerfully delivers his people when just about all hope is lost. Thoughts like this have been pushing me as I have struggled against the storm of my life.

As some of you know, I spent ten weeks at Camp Barakel this summer. Those ten weeks were many weeks of toil, joy, and healing. When I went up, I was coming off of a season of walking through an inferno. What I mean
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Beloved staff (summer, full, and part-time) you ministered to me so powerfully this summer. Whether it was that conversation in the Dining Hall or you in the struggle of hard campers or etc. Your fellowship is dearly missed. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to pray for Camp for the year and see God answer prayer in your lives this summer. Thank you for your labor of love, bearing of burdens, and prayers. Also, to my peeps who sent me camper mail thank you. You had me in tears often with your distance but ever-present concern and thanks for letting me share in your life a…show more content…
The last month I have been trying to juggle Seminary, ministry, and work while living at home. A recipe for exhaustion and burn out. I have never slept less in this month than any other month of my life but by the grace of God I 'm alive. I have had to rest in Him for the basics of just not crashing on the interstate, to homework, to emotional control, and ministry. It is hard to function at 35% but every time I look back at the week I see His providence and power. I am grateful for God showing me that I don 't have to Rambo these current circumstances. Thanks peeps for prayers, for a place to stay, or walking beside me. If I had to saw that this time is all about seeking Christ 's kingdom.

Our Lord always comes through, Amen! I am moving tomorrow into an basement apartment that fits my budget and is only ten minutes from my church. So pumped! School is starting to become worshipful again. My youth ministry is in this season of life therapeutic. Window washing (aka work) is different than expected but not to bad. I had a conversation with a Buddhist store owner that I wash windows for. Heartbreaking. I 'm working and striving to make Christ the greatest and fulfill the Great Commission as I continue in these blessed years of my life.

Feel free to ask me questions it just may take a while to get a reply back. Also feel free to share prayer request with me I will lift you up.

Prayer request:
For me to get to a place with my students

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