The Visual Impact Of Visual Effects On Music Videos

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How Visual Effects (VFX) plays a vital role in music videos - By means I am going to talk about how Visual Effects has an impact on music videos. By this impact how audience react to the effects done in music videos
Aim – To have a my own opinion about Visual Effects on music videos and to prove visual effects has changed and saved time , money , efficiency , and created tons of people creativity.
• Objective
• As same as aim, objective is what motive we point and shoot question about the topic we have chosen and to find a perfect solution to our topic
• It relates a bit to aim but aim is what we focus on our query and objective in general means motive or simple solution

Background & Context
VFX in general meaning visually adding effects
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Everyone will like Visual Effects, there is no age limit it creates a different perspective made with entertainment. It all started from 1984 (Herbie Hancock — "Rock it") in this music video there is less number of characters and added more number of puppets and special effect. It made a history in music videos, No other music video have ever done that type of effects in that period, mostly called as introducer of Visual Effects in the whole Musical Industry, Then came (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers — "Don't Come Around Here No More" ) Same as the first one but in this music video they have their uniqueness in surroundings and special effects. In all this music videos at that time VFX is editing and adding minor effects and more special effects they didn’t believe more in visual effects rather than special effects. Then people started to like Visual effects more, they didn’t like special effects that much of visual effects, Its Just because effects which can’t be done manually can be possible through Visual effects .And after 90’s there is a technique which introduced Matte technique. It is a process of taking a actual video with green or blue matte in background in order to remove it and can be replaced with some other video or image which is more cost efficient than shooting in that spot. In General music Video consist of Visual effects like Rotoscope, Colour correction, matte removal, Keying , tracking and post production which includes video
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