The Visit of Master Nocturne

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Everything was burning. The house was falling to pieces around Jon. He heard the screams of his family in the other rooms. Everyone, everything was dying. He frantically ran to the door of his room and pushed the door open. The house was in flames; there was no escape. A door burst open at the other end of the hall. His sister, barely eight, came running out, screaming. She saw him and began to run towards him. “Jon” she said to her younger brother. “What is happening?” he asked, his voice trembling. “It's found us” she said, “It wants to kill us all.” There was the sound of something crashing at the end of the hall. John watched as his sister turned sharply, shielding him from whatever was coming. A creature stepped out of one of the doorways. It was the size of a man, but its true features were hard to see. It appeared to be covered in a black liquid substance, or maybe it was made of it. It slowly began to stalk towards them. “Jon” his sister said, fear in her voice “go and fetch your baby brother and leave now.” Jon was young, only four, and didn't completely know what was going on. His instinct was to help his sister. He clung to her and she was forced to kick him away. “Leave!” He reluctantly did so, heading towards the door of the next room. As he left he saw the beast go on all fours and begin to run towards them. He watched her murmur something. He had never been good at reading lips but he could make out her words. “Don't forget me,” she had said. Then the beast was on her. Jon shut the door to the room, where he was unable to see just what the monster was doing to his sister. He was now in a small room that was only lit by the light of the fire on the other side of the door. There in the corner was his baby b... ... middle of paper ... ... out.” Jon blinked, “Me?” “Yes you! You are the only person in the nobility who is not a Dark One; as such it would be impossible for you to be under suspicion, even if I were the one who betrayed us. Dark Ones do not trust their apprentices” Nocturne began pacing, “You will investigate each and every one of us thoroughly. From this point on, trust no one, not even me. If you find our traitor tell the other Dark Ones. They will make sure to terminate the traitor.” Jon felt overwhelmed; if he made one bad step he could be killed. The prospect of this new venture daunted him. “I can do it,” he said slowly. “Good” said Nocturne, his eyes glinting menacingly. He dismissed Jon with a wave of his hand. Jon stood up and turned to leave. As he left, Nocturne spoke once more. “One way or another” Nocturne mused, almost to himself, “everything we know, is about to change
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