The Virtue Of Virtue And Virtue Ethics

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“A virtue is a trait of character manifested in habitual action,” these words said by Aristotle on virtue ethics. The word habitual meaning that someone that does something all the time and not just occasionally. For example, the virtue of honesty, is not someone who only tells the truth here and there, and what will benefit that person. This term used in normative ethics, really emphasizes the virtue of mind and character. A theory of virtue has several components within the theory like a list of virtues, what each consist of and why each of the virtue are a perfect fit in this theory. To really understand this theory, it is important to discuss it in depth, the strengths and weaknesses, and whether it rest on a sound or cogent argument. To get a deep understanding on virtue ethics, it would help to see a list of examples of different kind of virtues. A list of traits such as courage, generosity, patience, honesty, self-discipline, etc, are all ways to see what the word virtue really means. Each virtue has its own separate features and its own problems. If we look into Aristotle’s examples of courage and honesty, it will bring a new idea of virtue that not everyone thinks about. According to Aristotle, “A virtue is the mean by reference to two vices: the one excess and the other of deficiency” (Rachels 162). Let’s look at courage, going by what Aristotle said courage is the vice between being cowardly and running away from all problems or being imprudent and always risking too much. If someone is always doing something bad but is also helping out people, like a terrorist, like the example in the book. You do not want to praise a terrorist for doing something courageous because he/she is doing something that is against our v... ... middle of paper ... ...s that following virtue ethics is morally right. The last thing to discuss is whether this theory rest on a sound or cogent argument. Just as every theory, it does not rest sound because of fact that everyone is different. Everyone is going to have different moral values, so as each theory states what each person should be doing to seem morally right just does not seem reasonable, making this argument unsound. A lot of the theories within Ethics seemed to be unsound just because everyone is so different. There are so many cultures and people around this world that believe in different things, it will be hard to get people to believe that one theory is correct. The idea of virtue ethics falls in the line of morality because the examples of virtue is said to be morally right, but there is no exact information as to why it is correct, which is why it is just a theory.

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