The Vincent Van Gogh 's Irises

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The Getty Center is a museum that not only holds a beautiful land of greenery and flowers, but also contains a wide range collection of artworks dating from the earliest to latest periods. At the time of my arrival at the exhibition, the weather was gloomy and humid which kept me from being outside most of the trip, but because I was indoors I was able to take my time to look through some of the galleries. Each artwork was put into designated buildings that matched up to the era they were made in and style of work. There were numbers of illustrations, sculptures, and paintings created by talented artists; however, none of the pieces greatly grabbed my attention. After roaming continuously through the structures of the museum I finally found a work of art that drew my eyes to it. Located in the Western Pavilion, the artwork that I found most compelling and aesthetically pleasing is Vincent Van Gogh’s Irises (1889) placed in between Edgar Degas’s painting of The Milliners (1882) and Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Portrait of Albert Cahen d’ Anvers (1881). The gallery setting where these art pieces are situated in has dark brown walls and wooden floorboards, and right above is a white-colored ceiling with lights positioned to illuminate every artwork in the room. Because of the dusky-colored walls, Van Gogh’s painting of Irises was accentuated and was also highlighted by the light pointing towards it. The art piece is an oil on canvas encased in a golden tarnished frame, which further enhanced the theme of the composition. The placement of Van Gogh’s painting suited perfectly with the surrounding artworks since they all fall into the impressionistic and post-impressionistic style. Everything in the room was well-integrated and correspond... ... middle of paper ... ...Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne’s popular work, I found a greater portion of differences than what is similar. Despite the few connections of the pieces stated, such as how both artworks are impacted by the Post-Impressionist movement and that color and abstract forms were predominantly used in their compositions, the number of dissimilarities outweighs how much they share in common. Van Gogh took part in finding a method of expressing personal feelings through his art. While Cezanne focused on his structural development in art through the use of color. There are as more to the list of the contrast 5 between the two artworks, but it is important to acknowledge the artists’ exploration of new artistic style that withdrew all naturalism used by the Impressionists and how they introduced symbolism and the expression of one’s own personality in art at a deeper level.
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