The Vikings Trial In North America

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1478 words

TheVikings have been sailing for thousands of years (Steel 1). The Vikings traveled for 2 years this was called a Vikings trial (Steel 1). They would go out in search for land and new wonders in life. They would build their own boats out of wood and hides of animals. They were known as the best sailors of their time.
The Vikings are had arrived in North America. The Vikings were in North America about 10 years (Weiner 4). They settled and made a life for themselves in North America. They had learned to adjust to the weather to survive for all those years. The Vikings were the first Europeans and Christians to come to North America (Steel 2). The Vikings explored North American waters for partners to trade with (Pringle 4). The Vikings wanted …show more content…

When the Vikings landed they were not friendly. The Vikings killed 10 Indians while they were sleeping (Weiner 4). That did not bold well with the Indians that upset them immensely. The Vikings did not like that they were outnumbered by the Indians (Weiner 4). The Indians did not like the Vikings at all. The Vikings tried to make peace with the Native Americans, but the Native Americans did not accept it. The Indians wanted the Vikings gone. Norse colony tried to establish itself in Newfoundland according to the sages (Clarke 177). Thorwald died trying to make the same trip his brother Leif had done to get to Vinland and an arrow belonging to the Native Americans killed him. (Clarke 177). Thorwald had made a home and settled before he died. Even after his death his family had stayed for a short time. Then it had gotten too dangerous for the Vikings so they had to leave. Hostility from Native Americans made their period there short lived (Clarke 178). The Indians had driven the Vikings out of North America. The Vikings left and only came back to America to trade but not to settle (Weiner 4). The Vikings still wanted to make money and had to make a living so they came back to trade. The Vikings did return to trade in North America, but they only wanted to trade with the Native

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the vikings have been sailing for thousands of years. they would go out in search of land and new wonders in life and build their own boats out of wood and hides of animals.
  • Explains that the vikings were the first europeans and christians to come to north america. they explored north american waters for partners to trade with.
  • Explains that vikings traveled over the atlantic, in search of goods, like leif erikson. they called north america vinland or wine land because of the grapes for wine.
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