The Vikings And The Vikings

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They lived with a different lifestyle then other religions, always on the move, adjusting to climates, doing what it took to not just survive but also attempt conquering during the medieval times of Scandinavia. The present day countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark made up Scandinavia. The Norsemen first made a name for themselves around 750 for their bloody, violent raids in Europe. Norsemen and Northern men are other names for Vikings. The Vikings took advantage of their unique ways of survival and daily life techniques to new heights during the Viking Age. They were highly skilled builders; they built ships durable enough to take on the ocean. Vikings were the most intelligent navigators in their day, which eventually made them tremendous traders. The Vikings decided to quit their big armies of violence, stopped raiding and began farming and trading instead. Their last raid was England before deciding to give up their violent ways. When Scandinavians started practicing Christianity, some Vikings headed east to Russia, some moved to France, most headed to England’s coast, Ireland, or the islands above Scotland. The Norwegian Vikings were the first population in Europe to move west. “Stepping across the North Atlantic, Norse Colonists reached the Faeroe Islands by around AD 825, Iceland by around AD 875, and Greenland by around AD 895. Both Iceland and the Faeroe Islands were uninhabited at the time of the Norse colonization” (Gestsdottir and Price 130). The Vikings during the medieval period were a very powerful force. They got themselves out of the control of the Norwegian king, they were very good craftsman, and used many resources.
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... had a major impact on trading for the Vikings. They were able to go to further locations with ships. They could get to their destination faster by ship rather than walking land. The Vikings mostly traded for livestock, wood, and silver. To pay off trades, if they weren’t trading for another good, they would pay in the weight of silver coins. Which was rather popular to trade for coins, so you could melt the silver coin into a piece of jewelry. The Vikings had the most effective trade networks because of their ships. “The Vikings developed the extreme lucrative and low-cost practice of extorting so-called dangeld, i.e., money paid as tributes by communicates in return for not being attacked” (Klitgaard and svendsen 261).
The Vikings got smart and made other people pay them just so the Vikings wouldn’t mess with whomever it was passing by or being held up by them.
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