The Vikings Age: The Beginning Of The Viking Age

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Vikings are most commonly known as vicious people that pillaged and plundered their way through villages, but they were also people that were embedded in their own unique culture and traditions. Vikings originated from a country called Scandinavia which is now known as Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Vikings were around from about the 9th to the 11th century. They were independent farmers, but they are most well known for being pirates and raiders. Vikings were also very good carpenters, warriors, and at navigating the European shores.
In the beginning of the Viking Age, it is believed that Vikings left their homeland to either find land because of overpopulation or to find riches. Vikings went to Europe because it was growing richer and fueling …show more content…

Longships were very good for raids because they could sail through shallow waters like rivers just as if they were in the sea. This also allowed the Vikings to sail right up on shore and be able to jump out and start fighting very quickly. They could also carry the ship directly up on the shore if they needed to do so. Longships were some of the fastest ships during this time and this is one of the reasons why Vikings raids normally came totally by surprise. Viking raids were also very fast because they were good at navigating and knew the shores like the back of their …show more content…

It was not until later that the Vikings adopted Christianity. This is one of the things that set them apart from the rest of the European people. European people had adopted Christianity many centuries before the Vikings did. When the Vikings still believed in paganism they mainly worshipped the gods Odin and Thor. Odin was thought to be the ruler of all the other gods. He was also the god of war and poetry. Thor was mainly worshipped by seaman because he was considered the god of the sky, thunder and lighting. Looking at it through a different perspective, the Vikings were indeed a warrior like people, but they also had unique beliefs, skills, and warfare tactics. Along with their ancient rituals they also brought new items to trade with the Europeans. Through this, Viking longships also proved themselves to be useful, because they were based around the demands and needs of warfare. Viking longships also influenced the Vikings warfare tactics and gave them the ability to sneak up on the enemy. Through trade, travel, and warfare the Vikings fought their way to near world

In this essay, the author

  • Describes vikings as vicious people that pillaged and plundered their way through villages, but they were also embedded in their own unique culture and traditions.
  • Explains that vikings left their homeland to find land because of overpopulation or find riches. they went to europe because it was growing richer and fueling the growth of trade.
  • Describes how vikings used double-ended longships to travel for trading or raids. they used one big, square sail with a single mast and oarsmen to propel forwards and in bad weather, lowered and fastened down to protect the men.
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