The Vietnamese American 1.5 generation Stories of war, Revolution, Flight, and New Beginnings

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When we talk about the Vietnamese, most people will think them as refugees because of their history. The book “The Vietnamese American 1.5 generation Stories of war, Revolution, Flight, and New Beginnings” by Sucheng Chan described the history of Vietnam; the Vietnamese refugees’ experiences and sufferings they had gone through while on boat to go out of Vietnam, and their settlements outside of Vietnam. The Vietnamese as refugees who had gone through many hardships while escaping to other countries. Vietnam had to fight for its independence from Japan and French. It made them suffered more when they had to fight against their own people during the Civil War. By trying to declare its independence, Ho Chi Minh started the revolution in the North to fight with invaders, and fought with the South people who was supported by the United States to finally took over the South and make Vietnam a Communist state; this civil war caused many Vietnamese suffered because they had to fight with their own people in the war and became the refugees to leave Vietnam to seek for freedoms after the Fall of Saigon.

The book is divided into two sections. The first section is about the history of Vietnam and the Vietnamese refugees’ experiences and different reasons they travel to America or other countries. In the early time of the history, Vietnam was influenced by China that the emperor was in control of ruling the dynasties. The French went to Vietnam in 1614 to try to colonize and cultivate the Vietnamese to promote Catholicism. French forced Vietnam to sign The Treaty of Saigon in 1862 to cede Saigon to French. Under French’s control and suppression, the Vietnamese wanted to start the movement of anti-French and declare its independence. To fig...

... middle of paper ... discriminations in school because China’s power is increasing. Not like Vietnam in 1970s, it has been 30 years after I came here because a lot of things are different nowadays.

As refugees in America, Vietnamese experienced many difficulties adopting the American culture. They came from Asia where there is complete different culture from the United States. They had to change their life styles and believe. In order to fit into the American culture, they have to start everything newly again and abundant everything they had in Vietnam. They were still being discriminated at even though they tried to assimilate fully. They did not have to experience this if there were no wars in Vietnam. The war only gave them suffering and nothing else. Especially, when there is a Civil War when people have to fight with their own people. Therefore, peace is important to people.

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