The Vietnam War Of Vietnam

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On April 30, 1975, the Vietnam War came to an end and although everything seemed like it would get better from then on, Nguyen and his family, along with the rest of the community around him, were still living in fear of the Vietnamese communist government. At this time, Nguyen was sixteen years old and well into the end of his junior year of high school. Once completing his high school education, Nguyen decided that it was time for him to leave Vietnam and escape to find a better life for both him and his family. On August 10, 1975, Nguyen escaped from Vietnam. He left from Vung Tau port on a fishing boat with a few others who organized the escape. He left without his family and with no supplies or extra clothing. After the incredibly rough voyage on the fishing boat that lasted fourteen days, Nguyen reached a town called Trengganu located in Malaysia to pick up more refugees. Once they had gathered all of the refugees, they set sail for a small refugee camp that was located on an isolated, deserted island called Pulau Bidong. At one point during the two day time frame it took to reach the next destination, the people who organized the escape tried to double cross Nguyen and force him off the boat. Fortunately, Nguyen was the only one who knew how to swim out of everyone on the boat so they decided to let him stay aboard begrudgingly. Two days passed and they had reached the island. The refugees were dropped off and expected to know how to survive on their own with no resources other than the ones present on the island. The refugees here had to stay on the island and wait to see if other countries would provide visas to resettle in the new countries. No one knew which country, if any, would select them and provide a visa so many ...

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...cted my life. Had Nguyen not gotten a visa to come to America and a visa to a different country instead, my life and surroundings would be incredibly different. Also, if Nguyen had decided to stay in Vietnam instead of risk his life to escape, my family may still be living in poverty and he would have never met my mother. And lastly, if Nguyen had not survived the harsh conditions while trying to escape Vietnam, I would altogether cease to exist today. There are so many variations that could have occurred that would have changed my life, as well as Nguyen’s life. Any small variation in Nguyen’s history would have an immense impact on my life and his life. Recalling what a friend had told me before, the probability of us all existing as we are now is nearly impossible, and I could not agree with that statement any more than I do when looking back at Nguyen’s history.

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