The Vietnam War: Communist Containment and the Cold War

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Vietnam was in a state of turmoil during the mid 20th century; after gaining independence from imperialist France, the country was torn between nationalist political parties in the South and Communist ones in the North. Even though the United States had made efforts to support France during the revolution, it was inclined to back the nationalist South Vietnam after the coup rather than the communist North. In doing so, the United States made an unwise political commitment to Vietnam, which would lead to the longest and most unpopular war in the Nations history. Vietnam represents an important chapter in American history, due to its symbolic meaning of the times in an era where the slogan "make love not war" was prominent, its direct relevancy to internal political conflicts during the Cold War; and the amount of commitment the United States was obliged to undertake during that time concerning the spread of communism. The soldiers who fought the Vietnam War were the least celebrated warriors of American history; when they returned from the battlefield after their horrific ordeal in the Vietnamese jungle, they were badgered with nicknames such as "baby killer", by the citizens protesting the war. Anti-war music illustrated the way the people felt at that time, songs like, "I feel like I'm fixing to die" by Joe McDonald, were well known and used as a sort of rallying tool to unite the masses who were against the war in Vietnam. Its a well known fact that the war in Vietnam was the most unpopular war in our history to date, the timing of the war couldn't have come at a worse time; for the era of Vietnam also turned out to be the era of the sexual revolution, the era of love and peace. The U.S. citizens weren't the only people in protest of the war, Vietnam turned out to be disliked on a global basis; the people of France organized strikes to protest the war which even threatened to topple their government....

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...When the Vietnam powder keg exploded the stage was set for the Soviet Union and the United States to demonstrate which country was more powerful by using the Vietnamese vicariously; the two countries proceeded to take their rivalries to the next level. The war in Vietnam likewise illustrated the ideological revolution of the times that American citizens were undergoing, in a time where "love and peace" was the backbone slogan of the new American lifestyle. The word "war" became absolutely detestable, this was proven during the many protests against the war. I chose to write a paper on the Vietnam War because I believe the war in Vietnam, was the best representative event of the times. It was a war that threatened to dismantle our government, a war that mirrored other events in Latin America and Europe involving the Soviet Union and the U.S. and a symbol of how far the U.S. was willing to go to win the Cold War.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that vietnam was in turmoil during the mid 20th century after gaining independence from imperialist france. the united states backed the nationalist south vietnamize after the coup rather than the communist north.
  • Explains that the soldiers who fought the vietnam war were the least celebrated warriors of american history. anti-war music illustrated the way the people felt at that time.
  • Explains that the vietnam war was the most televised war in u.s history, showing the atrocities of the kill zone. civil rights leaders such as martin luther king jr. expressed their feelings through speeches to the public.
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