The Vietnam War: Charles Haug And The Vietnam War

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1414 words

The year was 1967 when Charles Haug returned home from Da Nang, Vietnam. Charles is a veteran of the Vietnam War. In Vietnam, Charles Haug was a mechanic who worked on different types of heavy equipment; such as forklifts, cranes, and military vehicles. While in combat, he was moved from Khe Sanh, Vietnam to Da Nang, which was his home base in Vietnam. At that moment he was moved between those two locations, Charles had confidence that he was going to make it back home to Indiana after being away for nineteen months. During those nineteen months, he experienced more things that someone else could learn in a lifetime living in peace. The Vietnam War was an event that occurred between 1974 and 1975. The United States became involved in the Vietnam War because they wanted to help their ally, then South Vietnam, to help them prevent North Vietnam, which was Communist, take over. However, it was a loss for the United States, and North Vietnam took over South Vietnam to make it a Communist nation. Many citizens did not support the Vietnam War. Haug remembers that people were very negative when it came to discussing the Vietnam War. Several reasons that citizens were not in support of it is due to the fact that the United States should not have spent the money on the war, since the Korean War led up to it, and one other reason is …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how charles haug returned home from da nang, vietnam in 1967. he was a mechanic who worked on heavy equipment.
  • Explains that the united states became involved in the vietnam war because they wanted to prevent north vietnam, which was communist, taking over south vietnam.
  • Analyzes how charles haug had sympathy for south vietnam's citizens, who were respectable and friendly, and disguised themselves as average citizens. soldiers tried to not accidentally kill truthful south vietnamese citizens while trying to find imposters.
  • Explains that charles haug was in high school when the vietnam war commenced. he knew that he could be drafted to serve the united states in the war.
  • Explains how charles haug had to adjust to life in the united states after leaving the military in 1969. he felt fortunate that the vietnam war did not cause a major change in his life.

When the war caused the United States to be involved, Haug said it did not created any publicity within the country. One reason that the war occurring in Vietnam was not a big deal to citizens yet was that people were more concerned with the war in Korea. However, since Charles was eighteen, he knew there was a possibility that he could be drafted to serve the United States in the Vietnam War. The outcry began when more and more men kept on being drafted into the war to fight another country 's fight. After high school, in 1965, Haug joined the military and was sent to

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