The Vietnam War

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1151 words

Military police
The Vietnam war brought about multiple uses for the military police. These men had a wide spectrum of jobs, which could range from fighting in the front line all the way to traffic control. They also fought in many battles, raided towns, guarded important cargo and areas, training dogs, digging out tunnel rats, and catching Vietcong members.
The members of the military police were separated into 8 different brigades that all fell under the 18th military brigade. The 18th military brigade the fell into three categories, the 8th, the 16th, and the 89th, which each had 3 sub categories branching off. The 18th military brigade was created during the Vietnam war. It was deployed the seventh of September in 1966, set to go to Vietnam.
In January 1968, the Military Police Corps bravely faced multiple attacks made by the Vietcong
Forces during several waves of coordinated attacks that were later called the Tet offensive. These assaults influenced the soldiers who had the tough job of defeating the enemy during the reign of attacks. In the battle of Saigon, during the Tet offensive, the members of the 716th battalion had to infiltrate and defeat the Vietcong members who had tried to raid and take control. This battle at the US embassy ended up to be one of the fiercest battles every fought by the military police in which four MPs were killed. During the Tet Offensive in the Republic of Vietnam the Military Police provided a first line of defense against enemy combat forces as well as providing much needed firepower, communications and means of transportation. During the crisis of the Tet Offensive, the Military Police were often the first to report to the scene in which they had to become aware of any enemy threats and...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the vietnam war brought about multiple uses for the military police. they fought in battles, raided towns, trained dogs, digging out tunnel rats, and catching vietcong members.
  • Explains how the military police corps bravely faced multiple attacks by the vietcongforces during the tet offensive in 1968.
  • Explains that america deployed approximately 4,000 war dogs and 10,000 handlers to help defend south vietnam from invasion from north vietnam. the vietcong members placed a bounty on the teams and then hunted them with extreme prejudice.
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