The Video Games Industry: The 2014 Video Game Industry

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Maneth Chan Video game industry is part of our culture not just the U.S. but around the world. The 2014 video games industry has come far from it original days, the graphic, sound, play ability, story and many more. To me video games are kind of like math or food since you can relate to it anywhere around the world. Video games goes as far back as early 1950s, when academics began designing simple game and other thing as a computer science research. They weren’t popular until 1970s and 1980s when arcade, consoles, home computer game were introduced to the public, now days the graphic in the game industry have amazingly realistic to them, you can almost mistake them for real if you’re not cautious. Usually when you auricular discern video…show more content…
Video games did not gain any popularity until 1970s and 1980s when arcade video game, gaming consoles and home computer games emerged. The first authentic video game was The Magnavox Odyssey it emerged in 1972, It was about three to four inches in height and twelve inches in length and a moiety of what the length is the width with a flat white rectangle shape and on the top of it was miniature of it self but black with the logo on the front. Now we have PlayStation and Xbox One as our main console with graphic amazing realistic and sound. Video games has gradually becoming an element of culture around the world, as everyone can relates since there are many different kind game everyone can relish. They even have a video game show on Syfy. Some people may have take gaming too far by neglecting their responsibility, job, kids, wives, husband, friend, life, family, some take as far as quitting their job just to relish few more hours of gaming. Gaming can additionally influence one mind if those people start playing violence 18+ games at an adolescent age, which they can be hazardous for other to be around or peril to themselves. I do accede about neglecting one responsibility or quitting one job just for a few more hours of gaming while have I to disaccord on the matter about gaming can influence violence in a child mind, as it is the parent’s job to observe what their kids are playing; in other word the parents are responsible for what their kids play as the child can’t buy R rating or 18+ rating the parents have to buy them for their kids. Gaming can be deplorable for you if you let it controls you, gaming are betokened for relax or an elusion from authenticity to another world for a short time of course, everybody ken you can’t escape for authenticity only take a short break from it and that
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