The Vending Machine Revolution

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2/25/14 Let's Start a Vending Machine Revolution! The disease of obesity is an increasing issue in the United States society. Most of the blame goes to the fast food chains but usually unthought of, vending machines. Vending machines mainly consist of snacks high in calories and sugar. The easy access that the machines gives promotes the consumption of unhealthy foods. The biggest problem of them all is that such machines have been installed in schools. The food in vending machines should be more carefully chosen because such foods promote unhealthy eating habits, the snacks are typically high in calories and trans fat, and the sodas which are advertised to be better for you are actually even worse. If foods in vending machines consisted of healthier, more natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, granola bars, and dairy products it is highly possible that it would begin a revolution in the eating habits of Americans. If these foods were given the chance to be as accessible as the sweets in vending machines people would have the chance to make the right choice. If all there is to...

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