The Veldt By Ray Bradbury: An Analysis

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“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master” quoted Christian Lous Lange. What he is saying is absolutely right because from where I remember, I don’t think that humans even knew what electronic devices were in the ancient times and that’s why they advanced and evolved into great shape. Obviously these ancient people turned into modern humans who then advanced so much that they invented electrical devices. However the invention of this technology did not affect their lives in a negative way, it just made it easier for them to live their normal lives like a useful servant would do. Something must have gone wrong in the innovation of technology because today it may destroy lives. Hawking said "I think the development of full artificial intelligence (or A.I.) could spell the end of the…show more content…
The kids become so obsessed with the nursery that turns into a veldt that they won’t even meet their parents and their parents think their kids were in pretty good shape. “When I punished him a month ago by locking it for even a few hours – the way he lost his temper! And Wendy too. They live for the nursery.” and Too much of anything isn’t good for anyone. And it was clearly indicated that the children had been spending a little too much time on Africa in the nursery.” In this quote the author says that the two children were so obsessed with the nursery that even if they leave it for a little bit they will always crave it back. The love between the parents and the children is lost because of this piece of technology, and at this point the kids truly do not like their parents quite immensely and are always very ill-mannered towards their parents. The obsession to the electronic nursery has changed the kids’ minds so much that they won’t want to meet their parents or leave the
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