The Vegan Lifestyle

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The Vegan Lifestyle
Veganism is a philosophical lifestyle that more and more people are starting to embrace. Many people do not know the difference between veganism and vegetarianism and that is where the confusion begins. This particular lifestyle does have an intriguing history; however, it does not go back as far. There are numerous people becoming a vegan even for short periods and there are abundant “meat free” products for them to choose from. Though veganism is misinterpreted because of myths, yet it is surrounded by wonderful health benefits along with prevention of diseases. Animal rights and environmental factors are the two main reasons why people choose to become a vegan. Veganism is a lifestyle being adopted by many people because of its excellent health and environmental benefits.
What is veganism? Veganism is a branch of vegetarianism, which means that a person will not eat or use any products of animal origin, such as dairy products and products processed using animals. A person who follows veganism is identified as a “vegan”. Vegans also avoid products tested on animals. Clothing matters as well because vegans do not wear leather, wool, silk, and other clothing material made from animals. Hence, the fact that a vegan lifestyle is a personal choice, therefore any person can become a vegan because race, culture, language, religion, gender, or physical appearance cannot stop or prevent it.
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There is doubtlessly a significant difference between vegan and vegetarianism. Veganism is eliminating every single animal product from an individual’s life, whereas vegetarianism is only avoiding meat, seafood, and poultry. However, vegetarians tend to eat dairy products, eggs, and gelatin. There are three distinctions...

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... into Mexico. Fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, and livestock pollute the United States severely. Fertilizer and pesticide account for more than half of the water pollution in the United States. Feedlots cause more pollution in rivers than industrial areas do. The United States has two billion tons of manure per year.
Veganism is a philosophical lifestyle that people are considering because of its incredible benefits. There is definitely a difference between veganism and vegetarianism though people still confuse these two ideas. Veganism has a short history that does not go back as far. Many people are trying out veganism because there are countless vegan foods to choose from nowadays. Veganism is surrounded by health and environmental benefits that make even myths seem false. People choose to be vegan for two main reasons: animal rights and environmental issues.

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