The Various Influences on Job Performance

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Job Performance is the most important factor for the every organization because it is the factor which gives the maximum productivity to the organizations. The job performance always gives the good impact on the organizations. Every organization must keen to motivate the employees for the benefit of the organizations. Job performance is influencing by many other factors which directly related to job performance. Performance is always perceptions and attitudes. There appear to be so many variables influencing the job performance that is almost impossible to ake sense of them . Performance is defined as a function of individual ability and skill and effort in a given situation (M. D. Pushpakumari , 2008). In general terms employees job performance always depend on the job satisfaction because the both have the strong relationship between each other. if the employees have the high level of the job satisfaction it gives the positive impact on the job performance and if the employees have the low job satisfaction then its give the negative impact on the job performance. It is always mention in the previous research that job satisfaction and job performance is always the basic factors for the good business or organization. The employees always perform well when organization fulfilled the basic factors as well as the excitement factors. The basic factors are those factor which gives the less job satisfaction and excitement factor those factors which always highly increase the satisfaction of the employees (Muhammad Shahzad and Mushtaq ahmed ,2013). The satisfied employees are always productive which is always done in the previous studies. If the employees are the satisfied from their job they always make effort to do perform well orga... ... middle of paper ... ...rkers trainings (Taylor, 1911). Employee’s positive and negative relationship at workplace began to study when Elton Mayo works on Hawthorne studies (Bruce & Walton, 1992). The job satisfaction is an important area in research and it is still growing suggested by (Levine, 1995). These are the different predecessor which have an effect on job satisfaction, income (Sweeney, McFarin, & Inderrieden, 1990), work rewards (Clifford, 1985), performance (Lawler and Porter, 1967). Reward factors include salary, promotions fringe benefits, supervisor behavior, and working environment that correlate with job satisfaction; research was conducted by (Loche 1976; Clifford 1985; Fournet, Distefano, and Pryer, 1966; Gruenberg 1979). These factors are very significant for job satisfaction. Rewards are one of the important factors of job satisfaction and overall well being of employee
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