The Variety of Specifically Religious Programmes on Television

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The Variety of Specifically Religious Programmes on Television

In this essay I will strive to investigate how Christianity and

Christian issues are portrayed on the four main television channels.

There are many Christian issues and programmes on television,

nevertheless in this essay I will only discuss Ballykissangel, The

Vicar of Dibley, Songs Of Praise and Son of God



Ballykissangel is a drama with a religious issue weaved into the main

theme. The storyline is as follows. Father Clifford, an English

catholic priest comes to a small Irish village and falls in love with

local girl, Asumpta Fitzgerald who runs the local pub. The

relationship between them has been the main focus of the programme for

two series, with a main storyline of "will they or won't they get

together". Eventhough this is the case there are many twists and turns

in the tale.

Asumpta has always been against the Catholic Church and all it stands

for. She is unwillingly attracted to Father Clifford, but fights her

feelings, she goes as far as to go to England and marry an Irish man

from her youth.

The story ends when Father Clifford and Asumpta declare their love for

each other. Tragically on the night of this declaration, Asumpta dies

in a horrific accident and Father Clifford can not decide whether to

administer the last rights as Asumpta was not a practising catholic.

Ballykissangel is a popular drama and through the process of

entertainment, highlights important issues affecting priests of the

Catholic Church. Issues highlighted include, celibacy, marriage,

divorce, adultery and contraception.

I think the Catholic Church should try and synchronise with the 21st

century, if the church is left in the past it won't look very

appealing to join. The priest questioned his faith when Asumpta died

this means he saw his love for her more important than his faith. If

he had a choice he would have chosen love over faith.

Vicar Of Dibley


This program is a comedy set in Dibley, a rural English Village.

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