The Variance Between Man and Monster

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The variance between man and monster is intentionally mentioned by Mary Shelly in her novel, Frankenstein. A monster is created by using human body parts and putting them together to create what Mary Shelly calls “the monster” for the rest of the novel. Even though this is a monster, he speaks fluent language and tells many stories of how he came to life in a world that he describes to be very cruel. Frankenstein’s monster seems to have very intense emotions and thoughts throughout his speaking in the novel before finally killing himself. This monster also becomes angry at his master throughout the novel and kills many people that he cared for. In the end, it is Mary Shelly’s goal to make the reader feel pity for the monster as he explains that his only reason for murder was caused by his master’s hurtful words and the cruelness of people. The monster seems to walk a path between being a man or a monster throughout the novel, which plays with the reader’s emotions. This can make it even harder for a reader to clearly determine if the monster is really a monster or human. Whatsoever, Frankenstein’s monster cannot be a human by definition and certain characteristics he portrays.
To give a greater knowledge of what “being human” is, a good place to start is a simple definition. A human is defined as “a bipedal primate mammal of the genus Homo” in the Mariam-Webster dictionary. This not only indicates that a human must walk on two legs and be a mammal, like the monster may seem, but a human must be born from another human’s DNA and have original human DNA that was not altered. Even clones of humans would be considered human since their DNA is not altered and they grow from original cells. This also includes that humans have to origin...

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...s life. This can demonstrate the monsters desperate effort to portray true human morality. Yet, when the monster ends up being treated very cruelly by people around him, he also shows intense anger and hatred in the novel that are so overreacted that it almost seems strange for this creature to be human. Normal humans do not go on murderous rampages like the creature created by Frankenstein does. It is also said in the novel that the monster was created from human parts, which could give the reader an image that the monster is human. Frankenstein himself even thought that the outcome of his creation would look very beautiful and look exactly like a perfect human being, but he later realized he was wrong and his creature looked horrifying. It is apparent that a closer look at this creature can portray that he is just a monstrous creature in the form of a human being.
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