‘The Vanishing of Katharina Linden’ by Helen Grant

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I have started reading ‘The Vanishing of Katharina Linden’ by Helen Grant. I have read about two-thirds of the book and I am thoroughly enjoying the story so far. It is an enthralling novel with a gripping storyline; a book that’s very hard to put down.
Helen Grant has set this novel in a German town called Bad Münstereifel. Bad Münstereifel is a relatively small and normal village – where everyone one another. There is an awareness of family in the village, as Pia states, “I remember my hometown as a place with a powerful sense of community.” On the other hand, Bad Münstereifel is also known for its gossip, as is said, “small towns everywhere are rife with gossip, but in Germany they raise it to an art form.” This proves that gossip could have been a problem in the small town for many people.
The main protagonist is a girl called Pia Kolvenbach. She was an ordinary girl who led a normal life until the night of her grandmother’s death. Since that incident, Pia got teased at school and was quite lonely. “Space seemed to yawn endlessly on all sides of me,” Pia claimed after her first d...
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