The Vampire's Dracul Interview With A Vampire

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Since the beginning of time humans have always had a fascination and a need to explain such things as the reason for death and what happens once someone is dead. Along with this fascination and need there is a fear of things that mortal humans cannot explain, such as what goes on once the sun goes down and the shadows set in and bring out the mysterious beings that lurk in them. One of the most well-known of theses beings is the vampire “a bloodsucking ghost or reanimated body of dead person believed to come from the grave and wander about by night sucking the blood of person asleep and causing their deaths”, other than blood sucking, these creatures can drain the life energy as well as manipulate the elements and animals. These are just some of the more commonly known powers of the vampire. Some other powers that not all possess are the abilities to reproduce, steal organs, and cause a plague driven by fear and curiosity. Man has developed such ways of explaining these dark creatures through folklore. The story of Lilith (the queen of the night), literature Bram stokers “Dracula” and in more modern times films “Interview with a Vampire” the goal of this paper is to disprove the existence of these creatures.

I. Basic Information
Ia. Becoming A vampire
According to documented folklore and superstitions of Eastern Europe there are three different ways a vampire comes into existence. Predispositions which there are several ways: birth being conceived or born at a certain time of the year (new moon, holly day) being born the seventh son or being born with some sort of birth defect such as having teeth, a third nipple, or a second heart. Another way is if the mother does not eat enough salt or stares at a vampire during pregnancy, be...

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...hey have sexual fantasies involving blood and being or becoming a vampire As it progresses, the person who is suffering will take part in Autovampirism as well as Zoophagia . It was not until 1992 that it became actually a diagnosis by psychologist Richard Noll there is no current treatment for Renfield’s Syndrome


The fascination of the beings that lurk within the darkness has had an everlasting impact on our society. Disorders are commonly believed to be the reasoning behind the Vampire myth, but it is so filled with enriching tales that it is hard to believe otherwise. Folklores have been described in multiple ways of how the Vampire came into existence. Many believed that there was prevention from becoming one of these dreadful bloodsuckers. But one thing is for certain, man will forever endure the reasoning behind the creatures of the night.
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