The Values Of The Code Of Ethics In Nursing

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In nursing, moral values are an important part of this profession and the code of ethics emphasizes in them. In the code of ethics it notes that nurses must have integrity such as commitment, honesty, loyalty and responsibility. Nurses must show commitment towards their patient as an individual, family, a group or a community. Nurses must also show commitment in protecting the privacy of the patient by not divulging any patient information without the patients consent. The professional commitment of advocating for and striving to protect a patient’s privacy, health and rights will improve the nurse-patient communication. The code of ethics notes that when working with the community a nurse must reach out to the community by inviting the members of the community to be a part of any educational and promotion concerning health treatments or maintenance. They should also show commitment when contributing to human…show more content…
Nurses’ loyalty lies with the patient at all times. According to the code of ethics for nursing a nurse must “always take appropriate action in regards to the patient when there are any illegal, unethical or incompetent practice” towards the patient. A nurse should always be aware of any impaired practice and should go directly to the appropriate authorities in the workplace. Another way of nurses showing loyalty to their patients is by not deceiving the patients in withholding information or forging any records. When a nurse is in a situation where morality is exceeded in regards to a patients treatment or intervention the nurse has the right to exclude him/herself from that situation but if he/she sees that the treatment that is going to be given to the patient is inappropriate the he/she has the moral responsibility to protect the