The Values And Importance Of Leadership In Amral's Travel

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Task 4a: Leadership and competencies

James McGregor Burns (1982) define leadership as leaders inducing followers to certain goals that represent the values and motivations-the wants and needs, the aspirations and expectations of both leaders and followers. The importance of leadership is that they initiate action, motivates and build morale. ( ) Amral’s Travel can solely benefit from leadership skills as they behaviour will be more valuable an ethical when making decisions in the change process. They initiate actions by the ability to command orders. For example, leadership drive change within the organization by presenting incentives to the employees to have the package be sold.
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Such skills are motivation, problem solving and communication (Career Builder 2017) It is important for senior managers within Amral’s Travel to have sufficient management skills as this is seen as a key factor in ensuring that is change is well communicated to key stakeholder to ensure that they understand that change is necessary within the firm to increase its survival period. Whilst senior managers communicate the change they also plan the change process, managers should use innovative ideas to create packages such as destinations and hotels. It is natural for employees resist change so it’s the senior managers responsible to motivate these resistors .They can do so by introducing high incentives or even flexible hours…show more content…
Developing management skills helps you to sharpen your focus on the critical areas and skills which combine to make you a better manager as outlined by . The methods used to enhance management skills is training. Amral’s Travel will benefit from a more productive workforce which will increase its profits. When senior managers are trained, they are in a better position to train their own staff members. However, Training is costly, and the agency may not have the financial resources to offer this to managers as monies were heavily invested the change
Personal skill is something which is the inner responsibility and self-esteem. If we take some aspects of personal skill it can be categorized into the followings customer and public relations. ( )Amral’s Travel key success factor is customer service. From the time a customer calls, customer service begins from that point. Failure to have proper customer service skills will deter clients from purchasing customers and service. Thus, reducing the firms
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