The Values And Importance Of Career Management

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Career Management is sensible planning of one’s engagements and activities in the jobs a person undertakes in the course of his or her life for better achievement, growth and financial permanence and stability. Managing careers is a life-time, self-monitored way of planning one’s career goal that involves selecting one’s career aim, to set target and personal goals strategizing ways in achieving one’s career goal. It is also the process through which employee become aware of their values, interest, strengths and weaknesses, to identify one’s career goals, to obtain information about job opportunities from the company and to establish action plans to achieve one’s career.
Successful career management is achieved through regular practice of building relationships, engaging in career development, updating our career development plan and pursue further training courses and upgrading our skills constantly.
The below career chart ( Figure 1.1 ) will give us an idea of the kinds of jobs we can expect to find under each kind of intelligent. We can use this Career Chart as a general guide to ascertain what kind of job is suitable for us.
Career Management is our responsibilities and it allows us to set goals to stay current and to prepare for future opportunities. Therefore, Career Management also leads to job satisfaction. ( Figure 1.2 )

Figure 1.1
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This will help organization to retain valued employees by providing them what they desire. Since the organization is able to collect all necessary information about the employee, it will try to retain them. It establishes a reputation of the organization in the market. More employees will get attracted towards it and are keen to join the company which offer better advancements and
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