The Value of Literature in Jamaican Schools

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Literature is often seen as irrelevant to the Jamaican education system, especially at the secondary level. This subject is seen as merely reading books. This is partially true as it requires a vast about of reading, but literature has many ‘pros.’ Literature equip students will abilities that promote competency in many courses or subject areas. In the Jamaican schools Literature is very important, for the struggle with English Language would not be a very heavy burden if all secondary school students studied this subject, since literature provides support for the language. Literature is key to several concepts and much can be achieved through this subject. Literature is equipped for the following: assists Language Arts and improve Language Art strands; promote other personal and general abilities that are necessary for other subject areas; widens the imagination of students and teach acceptance. Literature is not only about stories and written art, but also serves as a tool to develop literacy skills. While the values of Literature may be questioned, Language Arts is seen as a crucial subject for every field of study, but what one often fails to recognize is that the basic literacy skills are also taught and developed in Literature. The lack of English speakers in the Jamaican society has been a controversial issue for many and as such Language Arts is treated very carefully in schools. This situation has appeared so desperate that it needs all the help that can be provided. Literature is the key subject that works hand in hand tremendously with Language Arts. Reading, writing and listening are very important language strands that are automatically developed through the Literature. Students who study both subjects are very like... ... middle of paper ... ...different aspect of life and the world. Literature is key to many things and should be reinforced in the Jamaican schools. Struggles in the Language Art subject area would not be so prominent, since literature provides opportunities to improve Language Arts strands, which are very important to the development of the language and the different subject areas. The abilities required in most subject areas are abilities that literature reinforces constantly and so literature sometimes work hand in hand with different subjects, lessening the pressure or task of one subject. Also the students become more open minded when studying literature, since they get to explore different perspectives and aspects of life. Literature provides these opportunities and more. It is seen that Literature is not a ‘selfish’ subject but facilitates the necessary abilities of different areas.
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