The Value of Life in The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell

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Imagine if you went on a vacation with a friend and somehow ended up on a jungle island fighting for your life! That’s what happened to Rainsford, the main character in Richard Connell’s thriller, The Most Dangerous Game. During this “vacation” Rainsford learned just how valuable a human life is . The value of life is the main theme in this story, but it is also important in the world around us and in my own personal life. In the story, The Most Dangerous Game, the value of life is shown multiple times. Rainsford went on a ravishing vacation with his friend Whitney aboard his yacht. One night he fell off the boat and swam to a seemingly uninhabited island. AS he made his way through the island, he met a man named General Zaroff, a hunter who had his own mansion built on the island.Eventually the two men got talking about hunting until Zaroff revealed his true colors, “ I wanted the ideal animal to hunt, explained the general, so I said what are the attributes of an ideal quarry? And the answer was of course: It must have courage, cunning, and , above all, it must be able to reason.But no animal can reason, objected Rainsford. My dear fellow, said the general there is one that can. But you can’t mean--- gasped Rainsford. And why not? said the general. If you didn’t pick up on what they were talking about, the general just told Rainsford that he was hunting humans, which is murder. He then proceeded to tell Rainsford that he would be hunting him, but he would get a head start. Rainsford couldn’t sleep at all the night before because he was so scared. The next day is when it started, he got his head start but by the end of the first day the general had already found him. Rainsford was laying up in a tree and the genera... ... middle of paper ... ...fe to do something instead of just sitting and pouting about why life is so hard. When I think of how I value my life, I like to think that I’m using my life to do good. I work my hardest in school, sports, and lifting weights, and especially in making good relationships with people because that’s very important to have a good life. I want to go to the West Point Military Academy one day, so that I can protect the people here and do good for my country as a whole so that way my life has a purpose to it. The value of life is shown as the main theme in Richard Connell’s, The Most Dangerous Game, a lot. We are also able to see it in many survival situations in real life. And, finally, in my life I think the value of life has to do with how you use your life every day. If people want to survive, and even thrive, they need to know just how valuable their life is.
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