The Value and Necessity of Public Relations

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Public Relations are the actions of a corporation, store, government, individual, etc., in promoting goodwill between itself and the public, the community, employees, customers, etc. Things we learned from Public Relations are provides a better understanding of the company, promotes brand image, and it is helps the company keep a good reputation. Public relations provides a better understanding of the company because it provides insight on what the company is up to and how things are running. Customers can always find out if the company is planning to launch a new product or thinking of innovations on already made products. Additionally, customers can find out about events revolving around a certain product. Therefore, the customer can attend the events that are supporting a charity or a product. Likewise, Public Relations promotes brand image by holding events and plastering the brand all over. There are certain events that are supported by one type of candy. Hershey partners with activities and events that in return promote the product throughout the event. Lastly, Public Relations helps the company keep a good reputation. Hershey provides opportunities where customers can come and experience the product before purchasing it. For example, Public Relation has held events in different states to promote different brands. A big campaign that happened last summer was surrounded by S’mores. It was called Say S’mores and it was intended to encourage families to create S’more’ summertime memories. The campaigns consisted of contestants taking pictures of their favorite S’mores moments and posting them to Facebook. There would be three monthly winners and each would receive awards varying from roasting skewers set, picnic blanket and... ... middle of paper ... aware not only in the U.S. but in major countries. The confections industry can be taken to a whole new level because of spreading to different countries companies are than reaching other cultures. There is a whole new world outside of what we are used to. A product that nobody has thought of now could possibly become a top selling product in the future because of the influence given from another part of the world. Works Cited: ( ( (

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