The Value Of Education Essay

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The Value of education helps advance our knowledge of the world we live in. Education is more the typical reading, writing, and math. An investment that can take you further into the future than you can ever think of. It is something that cannot be taken away from anyone and is a never ending chapter in everyone 's life. Education can change a person 's personal life, a community, and luckily a entire generation. It 's a beautiful gift given to us to change the world and understand how something works and where it came from. It is a personal journey, one takes to find who they are and who they want to become. Education awards us with life lessons we can use in our daily life. Plus without these life lessons are life would never be the same. In my opinion the importance of education is that you are able to get inspired by the things you read or from experiences that have been shared.

Firstly because you learn so much about different subjects and things that you get inspired about what you read in a book or what someone said. For example, in high school my sophomore year I was talking about my experience as a person with a birth defect called a Cleft Lip and Palate, how difficult it was to live as one. The next year after I talked about my experience I learned that a teacher did some research on the deformation I had and decided to start a
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But not only in the academic perspective but also in the person 's personal life.What that person learns in their education changes their view and aspect of themselves. They learn to a greater extent of expanding their knowledge in what they did not know before.Enchanting their view in society but also to inspire to dream bigger then imagined. Nevertheless utmost of all these students assent that the expense of education can not seized away from them because simply it is a never ending journey that just keeps on
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