The Valley of the Alimbics

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Aboard the Galactic Federation medical frigate Redemption, Samus Aran lays in dormancy, still incapacitated from the injury she sustained on Anadyr V. Her suit is removed; the laser blast from the Crimson Hunters fighter damaged her suit badly enough that she had to be removed from it while it is being repaired. Corporal Preston stands in the viewing section of the medical facility, watching Samus while medical personnel worked on her suit. As Samus rests, a vision sweeps over her mind. Within seconds, she finds herself as a ghost inside a large cavern. Gleaming blue light emits from a large dome-like structure in the middle of the cavern. Statues of Alimbic origin are garnished throughout the mystical cavern. Confused, Samus calls out to anyone that could be with her. “Hello? Where am I? Is anybody-“ “No need to shout Samus.” A lone male voice says. Samus turns to where the voice is coming from; it is the spirit of Ron Wyatt. “Samus, a crisis is about to unfold across the galaxies. The same tyrant who murdered my physical self is on a hunt for the sacred Valley of the Alimbics, the burial grounds for every Alimbic being that disappeared the fateful day Gorea was unleashed. The power from the Oubliette is trapped in this valley. Dark Samus, as you know, a stickler, will stop at nothing to find this power-rich cemetery. The power in the Valley of the Alimbics is so substantial, that if one were to absorb its maximum energy, one could destroy a star at will; ravage a planet with a whisper, or slaughter civilizations with the snap of his fingers. This is why Dark Samus must be forestalled at all costs. She must be obliterated to save others from obliteration.” A white flash blinds Samus, and she awoke in her bed for the fi... ... middle of paper ... ...nd a shelf. The figures open fire on the safe. Fast purple-white beams, crimson red shots, and yellow energy spikes smash the safe until it is significantly weakened. The second figure rips the safe open, and the third figure reaches in, retrieving a map to an unknown planet. He reaches back in, noticing a green glow. He ignores the object omitting the glow and plants a charge inside the safe to destroy the entire workshop. The figures escape the shop. Samus slides down a rocky cliff towards a vantage point. She activates her scanner, identifying the homestead. However, she also identifies a shuttle lifting off from the vicinity of the homestead. The unknown shuttle takes off and flies in her direction over the mountains, and Samus watches helplessly as it exits the area, unaware that the figures in the shuttle were after the map to the Valley of the Alimbics.
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