The Valdez Team

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The Valdez Team

The Valdez Team – a purposefully assembled, seasoned group of business and academic partners with demonstrated expertise and experience in a complete range of engineering, research, and technical activities involving aging structures – is pleased to submit the following proposal for providing such support to the U.S. Air Force Academy and the Center for Aircraft Structural Life Extension (CAStLE). On our team, Valdez International Corporation (Valdez), the prime contractor, is joined by the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR), NDE Services, Inc. (NDE), and Strategic Analysis, Inc. (SA). Together, we offer a superior, rich, and exceptionally deep resource for both CAStLE and the Academy. As the following volumes will demonstrate, we possess the technical acumen and expertise, the talented body of engineering and research professionals, and the teaming strengths and processes to meet and exceed the requirements of the solicitation. In marshaling our combined talents and services for this proposal, we affirm our commitment to a greater objective: maximizing the serviceability and effectiveness of a fleet that must support a host of critical wartime and other national security missions.

Summary of Our Proposal

A Responsive Technical Approach. Our proposal, which includes a technical approach marked by applied engineering and scientific rigor and validated by an exceptional record of relevant past and present performance, responds directly and thoroughly to the fundamental tasks set forth in the Statement of Objectives: “basic development and characterization of materials, mechanical testing of structure(s), material corrosion susceptibility and mitigation, computer modeling and finite element ...

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...te offices and laboratory in Denver, Colorado would greatly facilitate effective project control and scheduling under this new contract.


Members of the Valdez Team and their staffs have proudly played a significant, active role in the impressive, rapid growth of research efforts during the past five years at the USAF Academy, particularly in the Center for Aircraft Structural Life Extension. We have offered outstanding engineering and research support of the highest quality to CAStLE – support now required by this new acquisition – at great value to the Government. In doing so, we assisted both CAStLE and the Academy in providing a service and resource of tremendous value to the greater U.S. Air Force. As a result of this ongoing contribution, we are uniquely poised and experienced to meet the subsequent, continuing demands of this solicitation.
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