The Vaccination Scandal

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Imagine an outbreak, one of the most infectious viruses that thrives most in adolescents or infants, lets say the measles, happens in your hometown. Presumably, you and your family are all safe, for you have all been immunized. But your neighbor’s child (for now, lets say Tim) has yet to get vaccinated, and his parents refuse. Tim’s parents have strict moral values, which infringe on his ability to get the medication he genuinely needs. They believe vaccinations cause autism, vaccines do more harm than good, and by not immunizing, their kids build up a stronger immunity. Aside from the paranoia and false side effects vaccines cause, they can help to build up your immune system and are a necessary part in a normal, functioning, individual’s life.
Why are vaccinations an important part of modern medicine? because without them, diseases like mumps, measles, chicken pox, rotavirus, meningitis, and many more can spread easily and again become a problem. Without the child becoming exposed to attenuated viruses at an earlier age, their body’s immune system will not know how to defend itself, and symptoms will be a lot more drastic. Vaccinations cause autism in adolescents? it has never been proven scientifically through years of research; Fraudulent data has always been the outcome.
It’s certainly true that vaccinating your child at an early age is very risky, and can cause them to get very sick. But while concerned parents are in fear of their child’s health, it is also true that “all living things are subject to attack from disease causing agents (“Human”). Otherwise put, your child will get sick no matter how protective you are of him or her. The immune system is designed to target, fight, and destroy foreign substances of the bod...

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