The Utopian Society: My Own View Of A Perfect Society

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What is “perfect” society? My own view of a perfect society is when people are sharing and loving each other, laughing, living happily, working together, with everyone’s best interest equivalent to each person’s best interest. There will be no pain, no crime, no corruption and no anger. In my perfect society, people will be raised in caring and loving community, with higher education to help them encourage freethinking. There will be no disclosure to greedy or decadent cultures. Instead of it, people will be surrounded by happiness and joy. However, the perfect society represented in Thomas More's Utopia uses reason alone in political, religious practices, and in society. While I was reading Thomas More’s book, the Utopian society had some aspects of my “perfect” society and it has some things that are similar to the world that we live in now. Firstly, Utopian people do not absolve wars, disturbance or assault. They try to avoid it as much as possible. They believe that there is no point in killing people, unless it is to save their own men. Utopians are the people that believe in the power of intelligence of humans. With a logical thought and admired intelligence like the Utopians, the people today may not even have to resort to wars to achieve intensity or to prove their power and strength. Second is the value they hold for life. They think that the soul is immortal and that there is an existence of an afterlife. Also, in Utopia people never buy slaves. Utopian slaves are either people captured by the Utopians in battle, or foreigners who have committed crimes, and saved from their fates by the Utopians. When people are ill, they are looked after and given everything, such as special foods, medicines to help them recover. A... ... middle of paper ... ...e thing every single day, live in same houses and dress alike. Living in such community would seem boring and repetitive. I believe that a place like Utopia could not possibly exist, and people would not be able to live a life where nothing is ever different. I believe that Utopia is the greatest social order in the world. "Everywhere else people talk about the public good but pay attention to their own private interests. In Utopia, where there is no private property, everyone is seriously concerned with pursuing the public welfare." (Hythloday) In Utopia, no one worries about food, property for themselves or next generation. Unlike the rest of the world, where men who do nothing productive live in luxury, in Utopia, all people work and all live well. To my mind, it's not only the best country in the world, but the only one that has right to call itself a republic.

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