The Utopia In The Story Of The Dystopia

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One of science fictions most popular sub-genres is the dystopian future, but often overlooked is the much more optimist sibling the utopian future. The main reason for this really just comes down to dystopias making for better stories, they tend to have more interesting problems and they relate to people fear of the future. In contrast utopias are characterized as having no problems because the society is perfect. But that’s not the only reason, while a story about a utopian future is ill equipped to be a summer blockbuster they are perfect for a more real world application. When done correctly a story about a utopian future can lead people to take up arms and to fight and die for that future. A dystopian tale about a totalitarian regime may lead the public to be wary of their government, but it is the utopian tale that will lead the people to over throw their government. These stories of utopia are able to root themselves deep into the minds of people. They can consume and deform the identity of a single person or an entire nation. Turning independently moving people into a colony of ants. Which sounds like an insulting comparison but some ants are known for farming and ranching so one could feasible consider it a compliment to be compared to an ant. And this tool is as old as civilization itself. Utopian fiction was one of the tools used to overcome one of the biggest barriers in the creation and evolution of civilization. For thousands of years humans were limited by their social limitations, but through a shared dream for the future they were able to unite hundreds, and then thousands of people. People would agree to anything to get that shiny new future, if they were sold on the dream then they would in turn be sold on the l... ... middle of paper ... ...e the people had to accept the laws that were meant to get them there. Most utopias operate under the heavy hand of their government like sheep to a shepherd, and communism is no different. Soviet Russia ran beneath one of the most oppressive governing bodies to ever scar this planet, the public had no rights and the government had all the power. The future communist utopia revealed itself to be a fascist dystopia. The prospect of a perfect world can give people something to aspire to, a reason to fight for change and a golden age to try to mold their future into. Everything that populates the world today, both good and bad, are the results of dreamers and their fictions. It was all fiction at one point. Utopia means “no place”, so at this point it seem that utopia does not even believe itself to be a possible, but that does not mean that will be the case tomorrow.
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