The Using of Technology is Ultimately Consuming Our Youth

As time goes on and the years progress, the technology of many generations only improve and expand. From computers, to laptops, to smartphones, to tablets, to musical technology, such as iPods and MP3’s, the usage of todays privileges only grow with time. These technological advances result in an increase in the routine of and reliance on internet and social media. Although, technology is openly used by all kinds of people of different age groups in the United States, the group of people that utilize and glorify technology more and more everyday, are teenage males and females. With little understanding and appreciation for the advanced times and technological advantages they were born with and are currently living through, teenagers seem to confide in and result to their technological devices more than ever before. The consistent growth and availability of technology can strongly take a toll on the teenage population of the U.S, either negatively or positively.
There is a constant controversy occurring within the U.S, debating whether or not the usage of technology is ultimately consuming our youth and taking over their kind of communication skills. Truthfully, technology has a steady growth, which only attracts the eyes of teenagers more and more. According to a conducted survey, about three in four teenagers, ranging from the ages of 12 to 17, have access to the internet on their cell phones, tablets, or any other technological devices. (Teens, Parents, and Online Privacy). That is a calculated 74% of teenagers who utilized technological devices daily in order to access the internet. This consistent technology can take a toll on the average teenagers life in the U.S, due to the role it plays in their daily life. The more freq...

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...e to advance and change with time, but it should not change our youthful generation for the worse; it should set a new standard for the upcoming generations.

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