The Use of Marijuana for Medical Purposes

The use of medical marijuana (slang: Acapulco gold, ace, bhang, cannabis, hash, dope, ganja, grass, weed, hashish oil, hemp, home-grown, honey oil, indica, Jamaican roach, sativa, sinse, sinsemilla, tea, weed oil) has a been a major topic of debate for countless years. People all around the United States have seen propaganda of some sort regarding the legalization of marijuana. For example, with the ongoing discussion of legalization throughout the states, it’s abruptly mentioned in the news, everyday conversations, school topics for debate, and within stories of social media. In the article, “Is marijuana prohibition coming to an end”, Michelle Johnson a North Carolina journalist, states “Legalizing marijuana for a medical or recreational use is rapidly gaining favor among the American public, driven by demographic changes and shifting attitudes. Nearly 40 percent of Americans live in states where medical marijuana is legal, and 16 states have decriminalized possession of small amounts of the drug.”(Legalizing Marijuana) Furthering my point, the use of medical marijuana is proving itself to become an ongoing necessity, from early AD times, to even 2014. Marijuana should be given to a person for medical needs, and a reasonable controlled amount should be allowed in all states regarding that specific purpose. Although marijuana does not cure any diseases, marijuana does help to relieve quite a few different symptoms of certain medical conditions, and because of those symptom relievers it should be legalized. What most people don't know is that there are two sides to this debate at hand. More fair and balanced research needs to be conducted by open-minded medical researches to determine if medical marijuana is indeed helpful to me... ... middle of paper ... ...ugs only hurt the person who chooses to use them, that’s not true. We do not have the right to do anything we want with our body. Can you walk down the street naked? Can you say what you want anywhere you want? (If you said “yes” to the last question, try yelling “bomb” inside of an airport and let me know what happens.) This shows that an act that is completely natural is not allowed, and showing that we are not free to do what we want. With this being said, the use of marijuana for medical purposes should have full potential (when used properly) to be legalized throughout the entire United States. When “the powers that be” come to realize the many benefits of medical use far outweighs the negative recreation use, the lawmakers will devise ways to make the use of marijuana for medical purposes more acceptable and crack down harsh on non-medical purposes.

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