The Use Of The Puritans In The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Throughout the novel, Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne shows how a sin can impact an individual and community 's life in a matter of moments. Many symbols are used in his novel to represent not only the way a sin can make a person learn from their mistakes, but also how their mistakes or sins can impact a whole society. Hawthorne uses symbols such as gigantic pines around the town, the ‘black man’ which represented Roger Chillingworth, and Hester’s child, Pearl. Hawthorne displays the crude judgment of a religious society against a young woman who committed a sin and shows how she learns from the wrong she has done instead of falling apart.
In the novel, The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne uses several of symbols to show how instead of falling
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Chillingworth understood why Hester committed adultery; because he’s more focused on his work and sea trips than he is with Hester, yet this doesn’t change his perspective. Chillingworth constantly reminds Hester that she betrayed him, and threatens to murder the father of the illegitimate child. Hawthorne described Chillingworth as evil that “haunts forest round about” (68). Hester is constantly called names and is told that she deserved more than public embarrassment, that she deserved death. Although Chillingworth expressed this a couple of times, Hester’s afraid and at some point she starts feeling ashamed of what she has done because of how Chillingworth expresses it, but she doesn’t let her feelings show. She showed Chillingworth that in a way, she doesn’t care about his bias opinion and proves this by not telling him the name of the father. Even the name ‘Chillingworth’ has an evil sense of it. Hawthorne named the character ‘Chillingworth’ in order to show how arrogant and bitter he was. In a way, his goal is to ruin Hester 's life, and have revenge on her due to the fact that he feels betrayed, but Hester doesn’t let it get to her, and focuses on her child…show more content…
Any one religious, especially the Puritans would guess that God would give one who committed a horrible sin negative consequence not a positive consequence. Pearl was a positive outcome from the sin she committed, which makes one doubt if their beliefs are true. Although Hester was constantly being judged and criticized she doesn’t let it affect her life, and tries making the best of it. Even though there were moments where Hester feels that she is an outcast, and feels sorry bringing her younger daughter, Pearl, as an outcast into the world, she doesn’t let her acquaintances know how she really feels, but instead makes them believe that she feels superior than them in a
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