The Use Of Technology In The Flight From Conversation By Sherry Turkle

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In today’s society, technologies are modeling our lifestyle to live in a certain way. Technology is rapidly changing and it has one of the biggest impact in the changes of our everyday culture. Wherever we go today, it is most likely that we see the use of these advanced technology; anywhere and everywhere. Although the purpose of technology is to be useful utility for humans, some people believe that it is being overused. In the article, “The Flight From Conversation,” Sherry Turkle claims that technologies are being misused in places where we should not be using. Sherry Turkle’s argument that says people nowadays are relying more on modern technology than other human beings have negative impacts on our society is extremely convincing because there are more influences of technology than just meets the eye. Sherry Turkle declares that technology “change not only what we do, but also who we are.” It means that humans are being used and guided by modern technology. She believes that these technologies are being misused because it is overused, even when they are not necessary to be use. Many people today…show more content…
Technology is molding and structuring the society to change into a new society where people rely on their devices more than they rely on others. The use of technology to communicate diminish the chance to learn face-to-face communicating skills. Additionally, using too much technology also make humans more independent and alone although some people believe that they are connected to world. Some people are so convinced to trust in the advantages of advanced technology that they blocked out and forget to see the other side of technology. For these reasons, relying too much on technology has disadvantageous influences on our evolving culture because there are more to technology than what meets the

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