The Use Of Steroids And Other Drugs

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The use of steroids and other drugs had been a problem in sports for many years. The winning at any cost idea has brainwashed some athletes into believing steroids can help make their dreams become reality (1). However, Steroids are dangerous and have many negative effects on the bodies and lives of athletes over time. The reason that steroids are used in sports so often is because the drug is meant to be used in small doses for legitimate purposes (1). But, athletes who abuse steroids use the drugs in high doses to improve their muscle mass in hope to increase performance level (1). With the trend of doping in sports and rising performance enhancing drugs, the use of drugs among athletes has increased in the past years (8). The use of steroids among athletes in sports has some advantages. Steroids can help an athlete dominate in a sport, or increase competitiveness (2). In addition, the drugs can increase muscle mass and can have very powerful effects on performance (7). If the drugs are used properly, Steroids can be used to treat connective tissue disease, some cancers, arthritis, blood disorders, and can be used for many other therapeutic purposes (1). Steroids also can create a masculinization effect on female athletes, which can provide an advantage (2). Many athletes believe that they can get away with steroid use because some steroids can be difficult to detect, but in reality these drugs can remain visible for months, or even years, after they are ingested (2). Steroids can help athletes gain an advantage and improve their performance, however the negative effects surpass the positive. When drugs are used excessively, they can leave a vast impact on the health of athletes (8). Steroids can be used to heal muscle tissu... ... middle of paper ... ...same reasons (2). To sum up the effects of steroids on athletes, the benefits are not worth the risks involved. Steroids can provide the athletic edge on the competition and increase muscle mass (7). Although some effects can be positive, other effects are especially harmful to the body and even an athletic career. The longer an athlete uses and abuses steroids, the more addictive the drug can become and makes the drug difficult to quit, even if an athlete knows the dangers’ associated with doping (2). Sports leagues and organizations have become aware of these problems with steroids and most, if not all, have prohibited use (3). Athletes can lose good reputations and careers, nonetheless good health, by partaking in steroids. For athletes, winning in sports may seem like the most important task now, however good health will be valued much more in the future.

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