The Use Of Green Tea And Its Effect On The Growth Of The Experimental And Control Groups

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Introduction: Is it possible for plants to grow taller with the use of green tea? Or will there be a large difference between the growth between the growth of the experimental and control groups? For over 25 years, Dr. Williams from the Department of Wisconsin-Masison have decided the famous Wisconsin Fast Plants were suitable students in the classroom setting because the plant’s speed, productive, size and the ability for easy growth. (Wisconsin Fast Plants). For the reason why it would be perfect in the classroom setting is because were the students able to see how the fast plants grow so quickly. Within the 40 days of the science experiment, students will need to water each fast plant regularly and make sure once has finished watering the plants, to place them under a plant light bank. With the help of the plant light bank, the plant will be given direct light to grow. (Wisconsin Fast Plants). With the use of collecting data will begin that the fast plants grow at a quicker rate that other plants, but their life cycle is a lot shorter than other plants. With the use of Fast Plants, students will notice that eventually the plants will die and the give seeds will fall, and the life cycle will start over again. Some studies and experiments have shown that when using green tea mixed with the soil can help the growth of the plant. During a science experiment, Dr. Catrina Adams follow a group of high school students to see if using green tea water to see if that will make the plant grow faster compared to the plant that did not use green tea water. The high students’ prediction was to see if the antioxidants and protective properties of the green tea water would help the plant grow faster. On the San Francisco Chronicle, had found... ... middle of paper ... ... to grow from 1.55cm to the end of the experiment having the plant the height of 4.5cm. If this experiment was used again the future students should be required to come into the classroom everyday to water their assigned fast plants because as showed in the science experiment with the students, who watered their plants everyday had saw growth within their plants over a week timespan. To add, from the given fast plant experiment students had mentioned that they have used Giant Brand Green Tea, it would be interesting if students were able to use fresh Green Tea or a well known brand, perhaps the with a fresh cup of tea (that could be a well known brand) could helped the growth of the fast plants. While relooking over the results, it was very bizarre how the students’ hypothesis did not line with the ending results of how green tea did not allow the plants to grow.

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