The Use Of Editing Techniques In Casablanca

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972 words

The way that a movie is pieced together by the director/producers has a huge impact on the viewer’s experience. Stylistic elements are used to help engage the viewer; however, without these techniques the viewer will most likely loose interest. In this essay I will be taking a look at a scene within the movie Casablanca directed by Michael Curtiz in 1942. Casablanca is a classic film that is reviewed to be one of the greatest movies of all time. This could be due to the notable quotes used throughout the movie, or its ability to follow a historic, comical, and romantic storyline throughout the course of the film. It caters to several different viewers, making this movie favorable to many. This scene in Casablanca uses specific editing techniques …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the way a movie is pieced together by the director/producers has an impact on the viewer's experience.
  • Analyzes how the quick cuts in casablanca help the audience observe the tension between ilsa and rick. the fast pace of these close-up shots, combined with the emotional expressions of the characters, causes an intense and dramatic scene.
  • Analyzes how the music score for casablanca was composed by max steiner and focuses on the occurrence of leitmotif.
  • Analyzes how editing and sound techniques were often used throughout the movie casablanca, highlighting the strained relationship between rick and ilsa. without these stylistic elements, the audience would easily lose interest.

Casablanca has several important stylistic elements which I will further look into. The way you edit a clip can drastically change the way one perceives it. If you edit it one way, you may be able to bring about feelings of love and affection. Yet, if you edit it slightly different, you could bring about feelings of fear or suspicion. The quick cuts in the movie Casablanca are able to help the audience observe the tension that exist between Ilsa and Rick. “Close-ups are much more dramatic than long or medium shots. They are preferred when emphasizing someone’s emotion (Moura, 2014).” Casablanca often used close up shots in order to highlight intense/emotional moments between characters. …show more content…

Music is played almost constantly throughout the movie, as it helped to guide the narration as well. Casablanca was part of the sound era, which occurred from the 1930’s- present day. There are a few different elements of sound throughout the film, but I will be focusing on the occurrence of leitmotif. The leitmotif technique is a short, constantly recurring sound that is often associated with a specific person, or place. An example of a leitmotif can be found in the movie Casablanca. We constantly hear the song ‘As Time Goes By’ being played throughout the movie. The first time we hear the song is in the given scene chosen for us. In shot 7, Ilsa asks Sam to play ‘As Time Goes By’ for her on the piano. Later Rick hears the song, and as he goes to stop Sam from playing it, he realizes that Ilsa is there. From then on, the song is played almost every time that Rick and Ilsa are together. The only time that the song is not played is when Rick and Ilsa are arguing. When it comes to the overall music throughout the scene we see that the beginning has calm and relaxed music. Yet, this changes when Rick and Ilsa see each other for the first time. There is a lot of built up tension, and so the music picks up. In shot 17 we begin to hear the sound of violins rapidly playing. The music played in this moment is used to help highlight this intense moment between Rick and Ilsa. The scenes music changes from calm and

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