The Use Of Body Cameras On Police Officers

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It is not right for one to abuse their powers especially when it harms other people, police officers have a lot of power in their hands and to some that power goes to their heads and they abuse of that power and use excessive force when needed or not needed, either way they do not have the right to use it. Because police officers are using excessive force they should change how police officers deal in certain situations, they should punish police officers who use excessive force and they should put body cameras on police officers.
In some cases, when police officers use excessive force without a reason on a person it results in the death or injury of the person who was not fighting with the police officer. One of those cases was the Eric Garner
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If they would put body cameras on every police officer the use of excessive force would be almost extinct because now they are being watched and if they use excessive force it will be caught on video. According to Michael D. White “Advocates of body-worn cameras have argued the technology will change police officer behavior during encounters with citizens. In the NYPD ruling, the judge noted: If, in fact, the police do, on occasion, use offensive language—including racial slurs—or act with more force than necessary, the use of body-worn cameras will inevitably reduce such behavior”. Not only is the body camera a benefit for the civilians but also to the police officers as well, they said “The Rialto evaluation reported that, following implementation of the body-worn camera program, citizen complaints against police declined by 88 percent—from 24 in 2011, a year before the study, to just three complaints during the camera project study period (Farrar 2013). Moreover, use of force by police officers dropped by 60 percent, from 61 to 25 instances, following the start of the body worn camera study (ibid.)”. Any false report given by a civilian the truth comes out with the body camera footage. They also said that “a qualitative review of all use of force incidents determined that officers without cameras were more likely to use force without having been physically threatened”. That shows how body cameras can diminish the use of excessive force and how it is beneficial for all parties

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