The Usage Of Marijuana And Alcohol

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I chose to interview a young, African American male named, Marcus Cooks, who previously struggled with the usage of marijuana and alcohol. I interviewed him on November 14, 2016. He explained why he began abusing these substances and how it negatively impacted his life. He stated why he started using them and who exposed him to this dangerous lifestyle. Also, he told me how he quit using these substances, on his own, and how he started to change the way that he lived. Marcus’s story is an exact replica of many people that struggled with an addiction, and how he overcomes it. Marcus was an average student in high school, and he was a football player. He did not have many friends until he started playing football. Once he became friends with some of his teammates he started spending time with them and going to parties. At these parties he stated that, “My teammates started passing around a joint, and when it came to me I smoked it too” (personal communication, M. Cook November 14, 2016). Marcus wanted to impress his friends because he never had any before, so he started to engage in underage drinking as well. Following these action, Marcus stated, “People thought that I was cool because I was drinking and smoking weed, so I started to do it more and more” (personal communication, M. Cook November 14, 2016). He stated that girls found him more attractive because he was participating in these activities. Marcus started having behavioral problems at home and in school because he would come to school smelling like marijuana. Shortly, his coaches discovered why we was having so many problems. In result, he said, “I got kicked off the football team, and that made me want to smoke and drink even more” (personal communication, M. Cook Nov... ... middle of paper ... ...s technique was sufficient because he was able to stop abusing alcohol and stopped smoking. On the other hand, he still could use some professional help so he will not turn back to these substances. I previously stated that he would smoke when he was stressed, which causes him to relapse. If he is going to quit this habit permanently he should surround himself with people that are will support him. If he was a client of mines I would approach this situation by implementing the solution-focused Theory and Strengths Perspective to help Marcus. Marcus has already come to terms with his problem, and he has tried to quit his problems on his own, so I could use these aspects to show him that he is progressing. The solution-focused theory could also be implemented with his problem, and the problem that we would try to address is him not reverting back to his past problems.

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